There really isn’t much to say about this weekend’s adventure other than Ryan and I felt like getting up early, hopping in the car, and watching the sun rise in the mountains. There is no better way to start your day, in my opinion. Crisp morning air is the sweetest thing.

Late spring rain/sleet/snow storms have been keeping us cooped up inside for a few weeks now, and I was getting ancy to get out. With alarms set at 4:15am and out the door by 4:45am, we drove to Rocky Mountain National Park in the dark. As we entered the park and made our way up Bear Lake Road, dawn slowly began to light our surroundings. We pulled into the Bierstadt Lake Trailhead, I threw my camera and tripod over my shoulder, and we headed up! We made it about half way up the hillside as the sky began to catch fire with vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows.

I set up my equipment while Ryan stood a bit further up the trail, as we prepared to take in the spectacular display of nature unfolding before us. He watched and I snapped away until the colors had faded into a misty gray that would eventually turn into a thunderstorm later that afternoon. We soaked up our last few moments on the hillside, appreciating the quiet stillness of the morning before heading back down to the car. It was 7am, and we drove straight to Notch Top Cafe for coffee and breakfast.

The view to the East; Estes Park and the Front Range



The view to the West; Hallett Peak, Dream & Emerald Lakes


The view to the south; Longs Peak


The long way out of the park; Sheep Lakes



One thought on “Sunrise

  1. It’s been too long since I last visited RMNP. Unfortunately, I’m moving to another state and it’s going to make it a little harder to get there, but your post and photos make me want to go back so bad! 🙂


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